About us

Wisdomise is an AI powerhouse driven to solve inefficiencies in web3 and decentralized economy


Our diverse team works from across the globe with two offices located in Zug, Switzerland and Dubai, UAE







"The trouble with the profit system has always been that it was highly unprofitable to most people"

- E.B. White

Our vision

Tokenizing the wisdom of crowds

Wisdomise creates opportunity for everyone on Earth to create wealth by sharing their knowledge and leveraging the knowledge of others. We dedicate ourselves to tokenizing the crowds’ wisdom by unlocking the tangible and intangible values of expertise and by providing unbounded access for everyone.

Our Mission

Democratizing wealth creation

Investing is a complicated and demanding task. Asymmetry and overload of information and the exorbitant minimum investment requirement set by wealth managers create high entry barriers for the masses, impeding most people from active participation in investment opportunities. This continues to worsen wealth disparity and inequality around the world. Wisdomise aims to challenge the status quo by leveling the playing field for everyone, everywhere on Earth.

Our innovation

Products backed by deep research

Wisdomise is an AI powerhouse, driven to solve inefficiencies in web3 and decentralized economy. It aims at reconciling human and machine intelligence for the purpose of tokenizing the wisdom of crowds and democratizing DeFi for the masses. We aim to create products that can simplify ease and access to the decentralized economy for all. Every solution we develop is charged by deep research and powered by the minds of experts, advisors, and AI technology.

Our team

Diverse global think tank

We are a global team of enthusiasts from various disciplines across AI, blockchain, economics, and finance with over a century of experience among us.